Paintball Games

Paintball Games

Game Scenarios


<h4″>The ColoursYour Team’s colours have been taken by the opposition. You are charged with crossing enemy lines and taking back the colours (flags). Stay in defence or be an attacker, something for everyone.


<h4″>The General’s ConvoyThe 3 vehicle convoy has been attacked at a check point. The convoy team must defend the convoy and stop the General’s briefcase from falling into attackers hands. Attackers you must take the briefcase and use the contents to end the conflict. Smoke bombs will add to the chaos and assist the attackers.

The Arabian Fort

The Arabian Fort

The fort is being used as an ammunition supply base. The fort will be frequently attacked by the opposition as they need the ammunition. The defence must hold the fort as all costs.


Sam Missile Base

The base has been overrun and the missile launcher is being used against the government forces. Your mission is to attack the compound and take back the Sam Missile launcher from the insurgents, sounds easy?


The Bridge

The bridge is on the MSR ( Main supply route). It is a strategic point and is well defended. Your mission is to attack the bridge, and interrupt the supply of troops and ammunition. You will need smoke grenades to assist you with this mission.


The Graveyard

Government forces have been pursuing a band of rebels who have now taken refuge in an old graveyard. The is the last stand and the rebels will fight to the end, your role is to take the rebels, dead or alive.


Communication Tower

The communication tower is frequently attacked by Rebel forces. A patrolling force has intel that this is happening now so you must visit the Tower and investigate. If they are there you must stop them destroying the Tower at all costs. Smoke and grenades are valuable assets here.


Scud Missile Launcher

A mobile Scud Misille Launcher has taken up a position in your area. It is being used with devastating effect and you must attack their position and destroy the launcher. A difficult but essential role.

The Missing Paratrooper

Secret agents have parachuted in to deliver Top Secret plans. One of the agents is missing and a patrol has been sent out to retrieve him and the plans. The rebels have been given the same mission so it is a race against time. Are you up to the task?

The Missing Uranium

The Missing Uranium

Weapons grade Uranium has gone missing from a storage point in your area. It is believed to have been taken by a terrorist group. You have tracked the shipment to a forest location and your role is to find the shipment and secure it from the terrorists. Not an easy task, are you up to it?


It is 2025 and there is a drought all over the world. All water is rationed. Any water source is guarded fiercely and you have been ordered to guard the water pipeline at a certain point which is often attacked and water taken. You must deploy your team strategically to ensure the water is not taken by rebels in the area. Good Luck with this futuristic scenario!


Sniper Ally

Part of the MSR ( main supply route) has been named ‘Sniper Ally’ for obvious reasons. Your patrol has been ordered to travel the route and engage any snipers on the way. It is essential that the route is cleared of all the snipers to allow supplies to travel the route unaided.

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