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Looking to organise an event which is suitable for Team Building?

We believe that Paintball is the ultimate Team Building event and possible the only activity which enhances all the skills listed here.



We believe that communication skills are one of the best skills an employee can have. Better still if communication is a two way process which improves the outcome. Whatever type of organisation it is, good communication at all levels is essential.

Once you are in the middle of a 60 acre wood and you have been handed the game scenario, you have no option but to discuss the scenario and the plans with the rest of the team. This is your opportunity to impress the boss or your colleagues and whist it is in a FUN situation the outcomes and lessons learned are definately transferable to the workplace.

Problem Solving

Whilst all the elements of Team Building are stand alone they are also very interlinked and transferable to the daily schedule of business. Problems (or obstacles) face us everyday and skills that you and your colleagues posses can remove those obstacles and allow a smooth run to the end result.

We create situations which require you to act quickly, overcome obstacles in your way and achieve the goal which has been set for you.


You will be given an opportunity to lead the Team in a given scenario. You may be the junior and the boss is part of your Team, but for the next 30 minutes you are the Team Leader. You can show off your skills in planning the next moves, ensure that everyone is clear on their role and a plan B in case plan A is interupted. This is your chance to shine and for the Boss to see who the future leaders are.

Time Management

Part of the scenario is that you will carry out the mission in a certain time. Make sure that your Team is on course to complete on time and to be successful. One of the biggest obstacles of course, is that the other Team is trying their utmost to stop you.


You have made all these plans and as you progress the opposing Team is in your way.

You need to be flexible enough to change your plans to suit the situation, communicate to your Team and overcome the opposition.


We believe that work should be Fun or at least enjoyable and whilst you cant be playing Paintball everyday there is a definate skill in making work enjoyable.

Production is higher, sick leave is lower and staff retention is greater, this must be worth considering.


All the elements mentioned above and more, make up a good Team. Along with the essential skill of supporting each other in whatever the task is. Use these skills and you cant go wrong.


Here at Adventure Paintball we do run the sessions with a strong element of competition. After all, life and certainly business is competitive and we do lose sometimes but its how you react to that loss that is important. Finding out what went wrong, making sure you dont make the same mistake again and then encouraging your Team to win the next round.

We do present Certificates such as, the Indiana Jones Award or the Lara Croft award and whilst these are just Fun there is an element of achievement.


We want you to enjoy your time with us, because if you do that means that our Team has been successful, so we have put a lot of research into this.

We are not going to embarass you, we are not going to test your physical fitness.

We are not going to make you squeeze into a wet suit.

We are not going to ask you to role play, (well actually we are but you will have a mask on and a camoflauge suit so no one will know its you.

We want you to Enjoy yourself whilst enhancing your skills for the workplace, if you do then you will refer us to others and thats how we get our business.

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