Paintball Terms

Paintball Terms


We like to speak to customers to offer them the best service we can, therefore bookings can only be made at the site office or by our telephone Booking Hotline on 01745 361368.

The minimum deposit we require when booking is the game fee, which includes entry and equipment hire but no paintballs. Paintballs can then be purchased on the day of the event.

Discount is given if people purchase one of our package deals at the time of booking providing it is at least 4 days in advance.

You will be sent confirmation of the booking and payment. Please bring this confirmation with you on the day.


Your booking may prevent others from booking at a specific time on a specific date and is therefore subject to a recognised cancellation policy for sporting activity bookings, which is in line with Regulation 6 within the distance selling regulations issued by the Office of Fair Trading. This means that once the booking is in place, your right to cancel without penalty ends:

Booking taken = Loss of deposit.
More than 31 days prior to event date = Refund less deposit.
31 days or less prior to booked activity date = No refund.

Our accepted date of cancellation is when your written cancellation is acknowledged in writing by us. E.mail us at or post to company address. If catering or any other special addition is included in package then th is may also be subject to cancellation charges.

The 31 day rule includes weekend and bank holidays. Any reduction in numbers must also be in writing and acknowledged by us as above, and are subject to the same cancellation charges as stated above. Verbal changes and cancellations cannot be accepted as these may be fraudulent.

Paintball age restrictions and rules:

We operate under UK Paintball Association guidelines and our Insurers guidelines.

The minimum age for players is 12 however peer group members whilst still 11 can be accepted providing they have started in High School.

Group with players under 14 should have an adult on site.

All players must sign a registration form where you agree to play even though the risks of play have been pointed out to you.

Those players under 18 must have a parent or guardian over 18 to counter sign the form, please do not falsify these forms as it may affect your rights should an accident occur.

There is a strict rule that you cannot play without this correctly signed form.

These forms can be found at our website at

Bad Weather Cancellations:

We play in sun, rain or snow. The only weather that may cause problems is high winds. If we cancel it is for safety reasons and your deposit/ payments will be carried over to a new chosen date. We will tell you as early as possible on the day if cancellation is likely. You can chose a date up to 3 months after the cancellation date.

If we deem that the weather is not sufficient reason to cancel and we are prepared to run the event, then this will not be eligible for rescheduling. In these circumstances a customer’s decision not to
take part will be deemed that the booking has been cancelled and charges as stated will apply, and refunds are not applicable.

Group Bookings:

Discounted bookings for large groups are priced on the number of participants. Any reduction in group size below that which is booked, will result in repricing.

If the reduction causes the numbers to fall below the minimum requirement to play, the price for the minimum number will be charged regardless of attendees.

In addition to the re-pricing, cancellation charges will apply to each person that is cancelled in a group booking.

A group that does not qualify for extra discount at the time of booking, cannot acquire a discounted status by the addition of extra players at a later date.

If a reduction in the group or team size results in us cancelling your booking, you will still be subject to cancellation charges.

Arrival Times:

You will have been told the time of arrival for your event at the time of booking.

You are expected to arrive on time to enable us to give you our best attention and be ready for the registration, issuing of kit, team allocation and safety briefing.

If you are late and miss the safety briefing then staff will be looking after those who were on time and may not have time to look after you, in this case the booking will be treated as a cancellation
and cancellation charges will be incurred.

Missing the safety briefing, registration and issuing of kit may result in your booking being cancelled.

Please avoid these problems by leaving plenty of time for your journey. Talking to others at the site and planning team tactics is part of the days fun.

Exclusion from Venue:

Any player who displays aggressive behaviour, or signs of being under the influence of drink or drugs, may be excluded from the paintball site without any refund of monies.

Likewise if players are a danger to themselves or other s or who are spoiling the enjoyment of others by their actions will be excluded from the site without any refund of monies.

If you are excluded from the games and the site because of your actions (mentioned here and any others), then this will be deemed a cancellation and cancellation charges will occur.

The site operator’s decision in this matter is final.

Personal Safety:

Whilst the company takes its duty of care seriously and adheres to a comprehensive Risk Assessment, there are certain dangers associated with paintball, indeed it is those dangers that make paintball exciting.

Whilst the company will carry out its duties with care, players also have a responsibility to listen to the safety briefing and adhere to the instructions given during the briefing and at any other time during your session with us. You must not take actions beyond your capabilities or take part in risky or dangerous behaviour. You will have read the Registration form and signed to say that you will play knowing those risks and not go beyond those calculated risks. Failure to sign the Registration form will be deemed as a cancellation and will incur cancellation charges.


If you have any complaints about the way you were treated, about the venue or activity, you should inform the site manager in the first instance. This should be done in a polite manner as any aggressive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated.

If after allowing time for the matter to be investigated, you are still not satisfied with any outcome, then you can e.mail briefly outlining your complaint. This process does not alter your statutory rights in any way.


All bookings will subject to these same terms and conditions without exception. All customers will have deemed to have made themselves aware of these Terms and Conditions and will have accepted them in their entirety and without exception as part of their booking with us. No verbal or other communication overrides these terms and conditions in any respect whatsoever.

Force Majeure:

The Company will not be liable for any delay or failure to carry out any of its rights, duties and responsibilities under these Terms and Conditions if the delay or failure is caused by circumstances outside of the control of the Company, including, but not limited to, Acts of God, War, Civil Disorder or Industrial Dispute.


Failure by this company to enforce any of its rights under these Terms of Business is not to be regarded as a waiver of those rights unless the waiver is confirmed in writing.

If this company decides to waiver any of its rights under these Terms of Business, this will not inhibit this Company from enforcing those rights at any or all times in the future.

Price Match Promise

When price matching another paintball deal we require that operator to be able to provide a comparable paintball offer. To be considered a comparable paintball offer, the operator must meet the following criteria:

  1. The paintball venue offering the deal must be within a 20 mile radius of the Adventure Paintball site.
  2. The paintball venue offering the deal must have a minimum of £5 Million Public Liability Insurance
  3. The paintball venue offering the deal must have a minimum of 8 different, currently available, outdoor game zones
  4. The paintball venue offering the deal must have a waiting area with flushing toilets and hard standing car/coach park.
  5. The paintball venue must supply the same level of equipment as part of their offer as our standard package, including but not limited to: freshly laundered coveralls sizes ES to 5XL, latest semi-auto paintball guns, free gas, facemask.
  6. The entry and equipment hire fee must be all inclusive.
  7. The paintball offer must be made in writing, for example on a published website or letter headed invoice, and this must be available for inspection upon request.
  8. The paintball offer must be currently available and not expired.
  9. If the paintball offer does not meet all of the above criteria, we will still offer you the best deal for your group.

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